Available for full time assignments: 01.04.2014

In an earlier blog post I demonstrated how to do wild card matching using a method in a Visual Basic assembly. Now I'll show you a simple alternative.
Sometimes functionality needs to be global and grouped together, without no direct relationships to objects. In these cases I create helper classes. I have my own way of doing such, but I see other developers during a variation on the same theme in not so optimal way.
How to convert between object types of same signature, but in different namespaces. A situation that you often meet, when developing web services.
I was approached to develop a tool that could compare textual data from standard text files with data from PDF files. At first glance not something you'd like to do - but here's a little recipe on how I did it.
Alternative to BULK insertions in DB2 from .NET. BULK inserts work with DB2, but doesn't support transaction management, so you'll probably be stuck with old-fashioned and slow inserts. However here I'll show you an alternative and fast solution.

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