As you made it so far, you probably have noticed by name: Henrik Brinch.

I’m 48 years old, married to Henriette since 1996 and together we have our four lovely children:   Mikkel, Julie, Nikolai and Casper.  Mikkel, Julie and Nikolai are triplets – now 19 years old and Casper is 14 years old.

We all still live together under one roof – that could be said to be an accomplishment in it self …

My interest in computers began when I was about 9-10 years old.  At that time I was reading a danish magazine called “HIFI & Elektronik”, this was about HIFI equipment and electronics.  One month there was an article about something called a computer – a computer for the people – named Sinclair ZX-81.

Since then, I’ve been through numerous home computers and pretty early I found out that my future working life would take offset in the IT industry.

Centaur World Atlas (for Amiga)

During my first high school year, I taught kids about computer on my prior elementary school as a sparetime job – and I finished developing an education piece of software: “World Atlas” that was publish word-wide through an american company.

I finished high school in 1990 and registered my own company with the current name: TriGemini, I could program assembler on three different processors, ANSI C and C++ – if it wasn’t for my parents I’d just go directly out in a job:  They said to be: go get an education!   So that I did and I became “Datamatiker” in 1994.

The years to come, I was employed at the company called Interactive Television Entertainment (ITE) . the one with world-famous television game “Hugo the tv troll”.  In 1999 I decided to go all in as freelance consultant through my own company.

Being a freelance consultant have enabled me to get knowledge of quite difference industries:  Airplane maintance, secuity systems, power plants, military systems, municipal systems, economic systems, gaming, television and I could go on.   I’ve also been partner and CTO of a company called ITVBlue ApS, focusing on second-screen technology, though this company was later closed due to lack of sales.

Today I still work as a freelance consultant, with a broad knowledge of systems an indepth software development experience.   In mid 00’s I evolved to become an instructor on my own courses (actually by accident, as a company called asking for education: sure naturally I can do that …).

I’ve been through peronality tests, that says I’m INTJ which is probably true.  Though, I don’t see myself as explicit introvert (that would be quite difficult doing consultancy and educational projects).

Ok, so I’m one of the lucky ones.  Working with what I like: developing software.   I’m always trying to have different types of projects at the same time, so I get diversity in the work.

In my opinion software development is just like being an artist – you can be creative but here you get immediate response:  Does it work or doesn’t it work.

When I’m not working, I spend time with my family, going for long walks and even some times running.

That’s about sums it up: that’s me