My Sony Vaio Z51WG/B needs a new loving home.   A fantastic computer but I’m using another as my primary business computer and it is a shame that it’s just sitting there and getting dusty.

It is in mint condition, actually the screen is completly new and unused (value DKK. 1.800,-).   So why is the screen new on a used computer?  Well, I made the most common mistake – too lazy to create the four restore DVDs when I got the machine.  Recently I made some system changes and I couldn’t boot Windows.  So I had to sent it to Sony repair center in The Netherlands.   It was picked up by UPS, a week later I got a call from Sony.  Sure they had restored Windows on the computer, but someone (UPS or Sony) also managed to break the screen.  As Sony stated:  you’re welcome to get the computer back, but if you wan’t it with a new screen you have to pay.  Thanks Sony/UPS!  Admitted, the screen is very thin and the machine is very light – so I guess it is very fragile – but never trust a courier … maybe it it pronounced OOOPS or Sony.

So the screen is completly new, and it hasn’t been used since it was replaced a couple of months ago.

The computer is a insane notebook-sized working horse, 13.1″ screen and a weight of only 1.55kg (ultra portable!).  Delivered with pre-installed Windows 7 Professional (64-bit), 6 GB RAM, Intel Core DUO P9700 2.8 GHz, built-in DVD RW drive, 400 GB harddisk (7200 RPM).

Two(!) graphic cards:  NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS GPU and an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD.  You can switch between the two during use, to save batterylife.  Network/Wifi/builtin 3G/Bluetooth.

Bought Nov. 2009 (has receipt), only used until dec. 2010. Works perfectly and looks as new. Shop price of DKK. 19.499,-, and the same new model currently retails for app. DKK. 24.000,-

This can be yours for merely DKK. 7.500,-.

Terms:  I will only accept a cash deal – I will not mail the computer, nor do I want to receive more money participating in any kind of scam.  So get lost – I know all these methods, and don’t want to waste any time participating in your scemes.   Don’t offer a ridicolous price – the price is as mentioned, else I’d rather keep the computer as a spare one – I’m not desperate getting it sold.

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