Windows 8 – GIF animations … the RIGHT way

Long time since my last blog post – but hey, I’ve been busy. Busy keeping up with all the exciting Microsoft Technologies. Especially the Microsoft Windows Phone, for which I’ve been (and still are) developing “a soon to be launched” app. In my Windows Phone app, I needed to be able to show animated images[…]

Integrating FlowPlayer in Composite C1

Due to my positive experience with the Composite C1 CMS system, I’m probably going to implement my next version of my e-learning courses with the system. The system does support video right out of the box, e.g.:   YouTube and a SilverLight player.  However using YouTube for materials in an e-learning course is out of the question, as it can’t[…]

Wildcard matching in C#

Ever wanted to implement wildcard functionality witin your programs?  Just as you’re used to in the good old command prompt. E.g:  h*nri? B*ch Going to implement such, you’ll probably turn to regular expressions as your way to solve the problem (updated: see this post on how to do that).  But if you’re not that familiar with the[…]

The enum optimization

If you are programming C# (yes, and even C/C++) you are most probably familar with the enum construction.  Instead of using “magic-numbers” in your code, you increase the readability and maintainability by using enums.  E.g.:   The enumeration above is declared without values to hold different types of business entities, as normally you don’t care[…]