Making Resharper testrunner work in 64-bit

No doubt that ReSharper’s test runner (for running unittests) clearly outranks the test runner in Visual Studio 2010.   So to my big disappointment I was not able to make projects targeted for 64-bit (actually a project using a 64-bit assembly) work together with ReSharpers test runner (using ReSharper 6.1). Searching the web didn’t give me any solutions. […]

Wildcard matching in C#

Ever wanted to implement wildcard functionality witin your programs?  Just as you’re used to in the good old command prompt. E.g:  h*nri? B*ch Going to implement such, you’ll probably turn to regular expressions as your way to solve the problem (updated: see this post on how to do that).  But if you’re not that familiar with the[…]

The enum optimization

If you are programming C# (yes, and even C/C++) you are most probably familar with the enum construction.  Instead of using “magic-numbers” in your code, you increase the readability and maintainability by using enums.  E.g.:   The enumeration above is declared without values to hold different types of business entities, as normally you don’t care[…]