Now it is already time again.  As of 23.04.2020 I’m again ready for a new assignment.    Why this weird date?  Due to the Corona virus my current customer ordered 5 days of forced vacation.   As my contract was for 30.04 it just made it shorter.

As usual I’m looking for assignments that fits my profile (but hey, if you know me … you’ll probably know that I’m not that picky – and I always get results done):  Architech, Tech. lead, Development, Instructor or Mentor.

I enjoy solving problems, I’m pragmatic and love to “get my hands dirty”.   My specialty is .NET platform and C# – if it’s backend or frontend – no problem, I go fullstack.   Javascript frameworks:   AngularJS, Angular, Vue, KnockoutJs etc.

 But really … visit my curriculum vitae and see for your self.

Since 01.01.2019 I’ve been doing various things:

  •  3 months full time in Struer (Jutland, Denmark).  Working at Bang & Olufsen (B&O), adding new features to their .NET based CRM system – bug hunting and correcting defects in both ASP.NET/C# and huge SQL stored procedures.
  • 14 months full time at a large danish financial datacenter (I’m contractually not allowed to advertise where).  Working as integrations consultant, creating orchestrations for an enterprise servicebus – and using technologies such as: Windows Workflow Foundation, Map Force, XML, Specflow, web services, C# etc.

As usual I’ve also managed to do additional work for other companies such as:

  • Porting an ERP Angular web based application to a Cordova/Phonegap IOS/Android mobile app.  Extending this with barcode scanning.
  • Bugfixing and feature extensions on the C1 CMS based web site
  • Helping Bodum AG with various bug issues on their Cold Fusion powered web sites
  • Assisting Kursuslex ApS with their Cold Fusion / React based web sites, correcting bugs and implementing features
  • For TV2 Lorry, converting a VB.NET utility and another C# utility into one new video editing utility.  At the same time upgrading it with new features.