Definition Of A Helper Class – The Best Way

Sometimes functionality needs to be global and grouped together, without no direct relationships to objects.  In these cases I create helper classes.  I have my own way of doing such, but I see other developers during a variation on the same theme in not so optimal way. Let’s take the “bad” solutions one at a[…]

Conversion Of Same Type Instances – Different Namespace

On numerous occasions I’ve been involved in projects, where I’ve had an instance of a given object type present in one namespace and the need to convert it to an object type with exactly the same signature, but in another namespace. Usually, in a scenarios of dealing with web services – where different web services,[…]

Dramatically improve performance on DB2 Inserts

On several projects I’ve been involved in, have had some kind of interface to the mainframe universe. Therefore also typically some kind of access to the IBM DB2 database. Some customers have made their own layers, abstracting the access away from .NET e.g. by using web services, while others do direct access to DB2 from[…]

Java / .NET String Gotchas Of The Day

Working on a project of porting a Websphere Java (JSP/Struts) based application to C# (ASP.NET MVC/Razor), I had this morning quite some fun with strings.  Some unexpected behaviour and an error on my part (taking a shortcut) gave me some minutes of headache. First challenge – space is space right? The Java code is ported[…]